The motives of tragedy in the novel of Thomas Hardy The Woodlanders

Kálmán Anna (2000) The motives of tragedy in the novel of Thomas Hardy The Woodlanders. MA/MSc, Szegedi Tudományegyetem.

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b i my thesis I will focus on what the motives o f tragedy are in the novel o f Thomas Hardy The Woodkmders. In this novel there is not a central hero or heroine, there are some characters in the centre, but none o f them can reach their purposes, none o f them can be happy. Why? Hardy gives his answer which consists o f some components. First o f all Hardy attaches a great importance to Fate. His characters believe that there is a power above people who forces them to act in a determined way, they have no free choice. Nature is this force incarnate. He speaks up for the harmony between men and Nature. The Woodlanders was written in the second half o f the 19th century, at the end o f the Victorian age. There were radical changes in rural economy, the way o f life changed, new man-laws appeared. People had more freedom and self-consciousness but they lost their personality, relationship with nature and land. Thomas Hardy is the last writer o f the rural patriarchal England. There is no need for proof that Hardy was a pessimist but if we begin to analize The Woodlanders, we can see that both the social and moral conventions and social institutions caused Giles W interbome's and Grace Melbury 's tragedy. Hardy's pessimism is not entirely hopeless because it is possible that laws created by men may change during the time passing, and may reach that grade when the laws will be more humane and they will be in accordance with laws o f nature and they do not cause unhappiness. So in my thesis I will try to prove that not only Fate is responsible for Grace, Giles and Marty's misfortune but Victorian society and hypocrisy, too.


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Date: 2000
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