Australian Multiculturalism: Problems, Policies, Practices

Kiri Vanda (1998) Australian Multiculturalism: Problems, Policies, Practices. BA/BSc, Juhász Gyula Tanárképző Főiskola.

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In this thesis I would like to deal with Australia as a multicultural country. In the introduction I am going to present some data that shows what a complex society this country has got, what a wide range of cultures exists here together. In the first chapter I am going to describe the uniqueness of Australian Multiculturalism, mentioning its most characteristic and distinguishing features. The second chapter is going to be about the importance of immigration in the formation of today's Australia, its impact throughout the history and the tendencies today. The third chapter will discuss the weak points of Australian Multiculturalism, such as the situation of Aborigines and Asians within the society, and also will mention some ways the society and government tries to deal with the problem. The forth chapter is going to show according to what rules immigration works today in order to prevent it from any discriminatory aspect, how citizenship can be gained and what kind of programs exist within the immigration to help Australia benefit from it the most. In the conclusions I would like to emphasise the advantages of the Australian Multiculturalism and its importance concerning our life.


Juhász Gyula Tanárképző Főiskola


Gyula Juhász Teacher Training College


Angol Tanszék


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Date: 1998
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