The life of the Navajo tribe before and after the American colonists

Varga Irén (1999) The life of the Navajo tribe before and after the American colonists. Other, Juhász Gyula Tanárképző Főiskola.

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Through my work I would like to give the readers a foretaste of the changing of the Indian history. I will prove through the Navajo tribe what can happen when a beneficiary astrict their own culture to such an intact group as Indians who, except their own culture did not recognize any others for many centuries. I address the changes and influences, which occur due to the white settlers, here I mean the Spanish and English inhabitants. In my work the Navajo tribe is representative of all Indian tribes. I am aware that the history of each tribe is different but I also know that the results of the influences are all the same "modernization". In the first chapter I focus on the historical backround of the continent. I start from Christopher Columbus and lead the readers through the origin of the tribe until the first contact with the first settlers. I represent who they were and what kind of cultural baggage they brought from Europe to the "promise land". In the second chapter I make a parallel description of their way of life, policy and religion before Columbus and after the first settlers. I point out in which direction their lives changed. In the third part I deal with their route to the modernization. I give an explanation of why they were open to certain aspects of modern life, what made them change their own personal cultural baggage. In the last part I assess their "current" way of life. I deal with their education and modern policy. Today Navajos are full citizens of the United States. They have the full right to leave their reservation, attend school in different parts of the country, and work any kind of job they want. We may say they are FREE. But their past can not be wiped out of history.


Juhász Gyula Tanárképző Főiskola


Gyula Juhász Teacher Training College


Angol Tanszék


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