Teaching listening

Fazekas Szilvia (1999) Teaching listening. BA/BSc, Juhász Gyula Tanárképző Főiskola.

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Recently the value of teaching listening has become highly appreciated; teachers are generally aware that it is an important part of second language teaching. The main reason for stressing the significance of listening is that for many second language learners it is the most difficult skill to improve, thus it needs considerable amount of practice and training in the class. In Section One I intend to explain what listening entails and to emphasize that language users, being in different situations, may have a number of purposes for listening in real life. Section Two focuses on what language teachers are supposed to do in order to help their students develop listening skills. Exposing students to a range of listening experiences either by using recordings or in the form of live presentation, providing them with authentic materials rather than idealized samples of spoken English, designing task-oriented exercises in order to make listening purposeful for learners are all essential to a successful lesson. Section Three is concerned with certain kinds of problems students are likely to have while listening. The purpose of this Section is to prove that teachers need to raise their students' awareness of what listening styles and strategies should be applied in order to become more successful in comprehension. Beside, this part deals also with the fact that students should be aware of the features that characterize spoken English and make it different from the written language. Finally, Section Four is concerned with creating a graded programme for listening work. I examine some of the factors that determine whether or not second language learners find a particular listening experience difficult.


Juhász Gyula Tanárképző Főiskola


Gyula Juhász Teacher Training College


Angol Tanszék


Teacher Training




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Item Type: Thesis (BA/BSc)
Date: 1999
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