The history of the U.S. peacekeepers in ihe balkans and their influences on Taszar between 1995-1999.

Kelemen Zoltán (2000) The history of the U.S. peacekeepers in ihe balkans and their influences on Taszar between 1995-1999. MA/MSc, Szegedi Tudományegyetem.

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Until the autumn of 1995 Taszar- a small village in Somogy County- was only known among the Hungarian military community. At this time it became one of the most wellknown and much talked of place in Europe. How could it all happen? The war events in Yugoslavia were the main reasons. The bloodiest conflict after World War II and the masses of the homeless refugees made the arrangement very urgent. The arrangement included several peace-negotiations, the Dayton agreement the peace treaty in Paris, different sanctions and embargoes. As a result of these militarian and political compacts the opposite sides agreed in armistice. But it was just armistice, not peace. Hungary had primary interest in the peace beyond its southern borders. Among other reasons this is why 3 and a half thousand U.S. soldiers arrived in Taszar in December 1995. The already existed local military airfield gave the reason for this small village to become the supporting and training centre of the peacekeepers. What was the public opinion about the American settlement? There were some who were anxious about the disturbance of the still life of the village or the looseness of the morals, while others saw the opportunity of making business or just simply new chances for employment. The leaders of the village took a right view of the things when they realised that die presence of the Americans takes advantages, disadvantages as well. What is more they were aware of the amount of work that laid before them. A new culture, a new level of life appeared. As a consequence of the marching ground troops and the constant moving of their trucks and heavy equipment the public roads and some buildings damaged. There was also an increase in the danger of accidents. But still the most serious problem was the termination of the Kapos Tactical Fighter Base. A huge part of the effective force, including the soldiers and the technical equipment was directed to Papa or Kecskemet. The directions, retiring and dismissals caused great dissatisfaction among these people. Drastic changes took place in the everyday life of the village. In a short period of time, more than 20.000 U.S. peacekeepers passed Taszar. Taszar became famous all of a sudden with different types of tell-tales on TV, radio and other media. So therefore people became apprehensive of what is going on, since they are close to the source of danger. Many famous people visited the base in Taszar, the most famous was President Clinton himself. It was all over the world media as a top story. What are the expectations in the future? I think the best answer to this question was given by an American pilot: "We know why we came and what we are risking that is to say, we shall stay for a long time. Because peace must be kept."


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