Why was Lady Jane Grey overthrown from the throne after nine days?

Hegedűs Hedvig (2000) Why was Lady Jane Grey overthrown from the throne after nine days? MA/MSc, Szegedi Tudományegyetem.

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My thesis is about Lady Jane Grey, one of the less famous and less known members of the Tudor dynasty. She was the grand-niece of Henry VIII through her maternal line. She is remembered as the Nine Days' Queen, because she reigned only nine days in 1553, following Edward VI. It was surprising for me that in the libraries there were only few sources about this English queen even if she was on the throne only for nine days. The book, I studied British Civilization from, mentioned her just in two lines, and most of the books about Tudors wrote about her only briefly. Why was she on the throne only for nine days? According to the law of succession line mary should have been the queen, and not her. However, she was catholic and some of the nobles wanted someone who was protestant. The main figure was John Dudley, Earl of Warwick and later first Duke of Northumberland, who planned the whole process and put this innocent sixteen-year-old girl by force to the throne. His interest was to exclude Mary from the succession line, because he knew that Mary would have punished him because of his anti-catholic policy, he would have lost his good position. Why was she overthrown after such a short time? At that time the country was divided into two parts from the religious point of view, why did not the protestants support her? Because many catholics remained in the country, many of them were rich landowners and nobles who supported Mary. Northumberland made several tactical errors, too. So Mary proclaimed herself as Queen and Northumberland as traitor. He was soon executed and Jane had to abdicate from the throne. Was it necessary to sentence Jane to death? It was the inevitable result of Northumberland's plan. The succession line should not have been changed,and then Jane would not have finished at the scaffold at such an early age. She played the leading role in this `game' and despite the fact that she was not guilty, she could not get out of this process without of penalty of death. Though Mary knew that Jane was not the one who was the main malefactor, her execution was necessary, because as long as she was alive, she posed a threat to Mary.


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Date: 2000
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