Factors leading to the foundation of the knights of the Ku Klux klan

Fekete Nóra (2000) Factors leading to the foundation of the knights of the Ku Klux klan. MA/MSc, Szegedi Tudományegyetem.

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The violence generated by white racism is one of the obvious realities of American society. Theevents of past centuries and even of recent decades have made abundantly clear to falsify of the lingering myth that violence has been of only marginal significance in America. The most extensive and systematic expression of the never-ceasing violence has been the brutal treatment of the nation's black population. White racist violence has always stood as an overwhelming evidence that American history is deeply marked by recourse to force, to acts of intimidation and terror employed to preserve social, political and economic institutions. Subjection to violence has beenacentral ingredient of the Afro-American experience, that the lives of millions of black people have been and continue to be lived in the shadow of numberless episodes of racist brutality. Violence, the actuality or the threat of death or serious injury from assault, has constituted an ever-present reality in practically every black community and for practically every black person. During the Reconstruction Period there were a few organizations established with the aim of improving black people's situation in the society and to discourage white Southerners from terrorizing them. However, these attempts to help blacks rise into a higher position could not last for a longtimeas there were groups which wanted to restore slavery or wipe blacks out from the world. Among the terrorist groups the most dominant one was the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan which attracted a lot of white Americans to join. However, its success in terrorizing blacks did not last long.


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Date: 2000
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