The place of grammar and reading in communicative methodology in the mirror of ECL exam results

Takács Regina (2006) The place of grammar and reading in communicative methodology in the mirror of ECL exam results. MA/MSc, Szegedi Tudományegyetem.

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In this thesis I examine the role of grammar in current language teaching practice, and its effect on successful reading. Due to a recent shift from the Grammar-Translation Method to the Communicative Approach, language schools run speaking-centred courses where grammar is forced on the periphery, as it is generally seen as dry and boring. Accordingly, mistakes are largely tolerated and it seems to be problematic how to incorporate reading practice into classroom work, too. Statistics show that it is a tendency that examinees tend to be better at oral communication than reading comprehension. My hypothesis is that there is a link between the subordinate role of grammar and comprehension failure. The two study areas, grammar and reading, mutually strengthen each other. In order to prove my theory, I relied on my own teaching experiences, analysed ECL exam results, did questionnaire research (including 50 students of mine), and observed both oral examinations and intermediatelevel lessons at Mária Valéria Language School. My conclusion is that the exclusiveness ofspeaking skill development should be ended; there is a need for the rehabilitation of grammar, not for its own sake, but for overall communicative effectiveness, including the understanding ofwritten texts.


Szegedi Tudományegyetem


Gyula Juhász Teacher Training College


Angol Tanszék


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Item Type: Thesis (MA/MSc)
Date: 2006
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