Changes in the History of American Television Series Based on the Evolution of Technology, Viewer Demand and Platform

Turbucz Szebasztián (2018) Changes in the History of American Television Series Based on the Evolution of Technology, Viewer Demand and Platform. BA/Bsc, Szegedi Tudományegyetem.

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This paper deals with the changes that occurred in American television series between their introduction in the 20th century and the state they are currently in. The changes will be discussed based on three factors, which are the technological developments, the changes in the demand and habits of the audience and the impacts of new platform types. It argues that these are the three crucial factors that paved the way for today’s television series. The text starts with the early technologies in television programming that created new platforms. Then it continues with significant developments and achievements in technology that affected television programs. After that, it analyzes the changes in viewer demand and viewer habits and express a personal opinion about the reasons for these changes. Then it examines the history of television platforms, how they evolved and what they did better than their predecessors, focusing on over-the-air broadcasting, cable television and a few of its variations and streaming services in the age of the internet. Finally, the paper shows the structure of a series and gives three examples of American television series. These series are Candid Camera, Star Trek and Stranger Things. It reflects upon their relation to technology, including technology that appeared on the show and what was used in the production of the series. It examines the impact the series had on viewers and how it influenced or changed their viewing habits. Then, it considers how the series adapted to different platforms and how they affected the series. Their analysis supports the thesis of the paper and helps to draw a conclusion about the correlation among technological development, changes in viewer habits and demand and the evolution of television platforms.


Szegedi Tudományegyetem


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Item Type: Thesis (BA/Bsc)
Date: 2018
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