Competency Based Education - is It the Reform We Really Need in Hungary?

Pölösné Hudák Dóra (2008) Competency Based Education - is It the Reform We Really Need in Hungary? MA/MSc, Szegedi Tudományegyetem.

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My thesis is about the competency based education. I feel important to deal with this topic as it is very current but, very little is known about it actually. The results of international surveys and the opinion of Hungarian people also show that our educational system needs to be reformed. Although people do not know much about the competency based education, they would like changes that are similar to the main aims of this program. Above all, I consider a theoretical survey important. After defining what competence and competency based education is, I examine reality. I have made a research with the help of a questionnaire and analyse its result. I show how little people know about this new method, but their opinion and answers to some practical exercises prove that we need a reform exactly like the competency based education.


Szegedi Tudományegyetem


Gyula Juhász Faculty of Education


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Teacher Training




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Item Type: Thesis (MA/MSc)
Date: 2008
Depositing User: JGYPK Szerkesztő
Date Deposited: 2019. Apr. 03. 09:35
Last Modified: 2019. Apr. 06. 16:11

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